Gina Vaynshteyn
May 14, 2015 12:34 pm

Sony must have heard our chants to Manon, because The Craft is the latest ’90s cult classic that’s getting the remake treatment. And we’re feeling pretty bewitched about it, naturally. The movie — which essentially defined our broody ’90s childhoods — centers around Sarah, a young, earnest witch who joins forces with a group/coven of spell-obsessed and power-hungry teen girls.

We can’t think of a better movie to bring back to life —everything about the original is perfection. The grungy school-girl swag! Nancy’s next-level eyeliner and dark cherry lipstick game (and not to mention her studded collars)!  The on-command lightning and thunder! Oh, we’re excited.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, horror filmmaker Leigh Janiak will be writing and directing (along with Phil Graziadei). Which is awesome and refreshing news to hear, since we see way, way too few female directors in Hollywood (a major problem the film industry is finally getting busted for by the American Civil Liberties Union). A movie that is —above all— about female empowerment, rebellion, coming to terms with one’s flaws, and taking down the patriarchy one spell at a time should be directed by a woman.

And if you’re feeling skeptical about the remake, don’t worry. The movie’s original producers (Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher) will be back to oversee the project. So don’t expect this reboot to stray too far from what made the original so amazing.

Images via, Giphy