Rachel Paige
Updated May 05, 2015 @ 11:35 am

In the Best Friend Hall of Fame, Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter have a spot right in the center of the exhibit, high atop a pedestal for all to see. For seven seasons, we watched these two on Boy Meets World face every adolescent obstacle, overcoming each hurdle in stride for one simple reason: they always had each other. Awww.

Today it’s the 15th anniversary of the series finale of Boy Meets World, an even that left a hole in our hearts and in our viewing schedules. But we’ve found comfort in the enduring friendship between Shawn and Cory, kings among men.

Sure, you might claim that it’s Cory and Topanga who share the most beautiful love story of the show, but honestly, it’s all about Cory and Shawn. Let’s take a look back at some of their best buddy moments, shall we?

When Shawn asked Topanga out for Cory: After Cory FINALLY realizes his feelings for Topanga, he asks her out. He learns Shawn’s already beat him there. But, Shawn didn’t ask Topanga out because he wants to date her — he only asked her out in hopes of really setting Cory and Topanga up. Confusing? A little bit. But, only a best friend would go to such great lengths like that.

When Shawn showed up for Cory’s wedding: There was a whole lot of family drama surrounding Cory’s choice for best man at his wedding — he asked Shawn, only to be informed by his parents that the best man should be Eric, so there was a competition to be Best Man, of course. Shawn won, but the honor still went to Eric. It was impossible to watch Cory and Shawn fight over this decision so close to Cory’s wedding. Then, Shawn decided not to attend the event. But, at the last moment, he shows up at the ceremony, and the two of them have a beautiful moment, while Topanga waits off to the side to get married. Look at these two:

When Corey was there for Shawn: When Shawn’s dad died, it completely broke him. He went into a downward spiral of sorts, but through all of it, even when he didn’t want any one around, Cory was there for him, even with hugs he didn’t necessarily want.

When Cory and Shawn had a very special Christmas: In one of the very early episodes of the series, we learn that Shawn’s dad has lost his job and there’s a moment where Mr. and Mrs. Matthews (yes, I call them that) have to explain to Cory that Shawn might not get many presents this Christmas. Cory, feeling awful about the situation, at first worries about his annual present swap with Shawn, but then learns that the season isn’t about presents, but rather being their for your best friend no matter what. Cory gets Shawn a basketball, btb.

When they did their secret handshake: They do this little number after they realize they’re in high school now and don’t have to deal with Mr. Feeny as their teacher anymore. They’re wrong, but let’s not tell them that yet.

When they imagined themselves as old people: Even as very small children, Cory and Shawn knew that they were in it for the long haul. They could even imagine themselves much older, sitting at Chubbies, stealing dinner rolls.

That time they did a split-screen phone chat: Back in middle school before they became really inseparably, Cory and Shawn were often separated over girls. On one occasion, Shawn starts dating a girl who doesn’t like Cory — and then insists that Shawn break up with Cory. It’s devastating for the both of them, and they have to sneak away to talk to each other, like star-crossed lovers.

When things got so very real: At one point during high school, Cory videotapes some of Shawn’s relatives committing a crime, and in turn Shawn destroys the VHS tape. Cory demands an explanation about it, and the two boys get into an actual fight in the hallways of John Adams High. We never thought we would see the two come to actual blows, but it happened. In reality, Shawn is embarrassed about his family and in a super-sweet heart to heart between the two, Shawn admits that Cory is his real family. BFFs for life, these two.

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