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Although she might not have won Nick Viall’s heart, Corrine, the cheese pasta queen from The Bachelor, won all of our respect with her amazing one-liners (“Platinum vagine,” anyone?), being unapologetic about her mission on the show, and of course — her love for her nanny, Raquel. Now, Corrine’s finally revealed the recipe for her favorite snack, homemade cheesy pasta, and as you might have imagined, it’s basically just homemade stovetop mac and cheese.

Corrine told The Cut, “It’s honestly just elbow pasta boiled in water: over-boiled, I like them super soft.” You have to love that DGAF outlook on life.

Once you drain the water (don’t forget to add salt!), you, “just add a whole bunch of cheese, like more cheese than pasta, and you just mix mix mix until everything’s melted and creamy together. No added salt and no added butter, just the pasta and the cheese.”

With all that cheese, the only thing missing is some bubbly, Corrine-style.

Corinne opened up about all of her favorite snacks in the interview, like how she eats an avocado with scrambled eggs (and three cups of coffee) for breakfast every day. And before you start to judge her — she also said that she makes them herself most days. To counteract the eggs, avocado, and cheesy pasta snacks, Corinne said that she usually works out in the afternoons.

She explained that she goes to Barry’s Bootcamp a few times a week, and has recently gotten into Flywheel. If she can’t make it to any classes, she’ll just hop on the elliptical at the gym and do some regular weight lifting. But she doesn’t get crazy about it.

Always a good rule.

Corinne is doing more than just gorging on deliciously cheesy pasta these days. Taking advantage of the fact that she had THE best lines on the show, the Miami native is launching a line of merchandise based on her Bachelor stint. So if you want a “Team Corn” T-shirt or to advertise your “platinum vagine” you’re in luck. (By the way, she recruited fellow bachelorette Jasmine to help her model the “But first, cheese pasta” shirts, so you get twice the Bachelor fun with that one).

Oh, Corinne, let’s hope you’re headed to Bachelor in Paradise this year, because we miss you.