Connie Britton Gives Life Lessons, Continues to Be Everything

Connie Britton is everything, always. For example: Tami Taylor, Rayna Jaymes, HER HAIR, Tami Taylor, Tami Taylor, HER HAIR, Rayna Jaymes, HER HAIR, strong, single mother, role model, inspiration, everything. BTW: Did you guys know there’s an entire Tumblr dedicated to Connie Britton’s hair? It’s that good.

But as much as I’d like to continue to wax poetic about Connie Britton’s fictional characters and shimmering, ginger mane, she’s a real-life woman with some seriously solid, real-life advice. In a recent interview with Ladies’ Home Journal, Britton, who became a single mother in 2011 when she adopted a baby boy from Ethiopia, took some time off from her new Tennessee life to chat with the magazine about changing your life plan, challenging yourself and making mistakes.

If you haven’t yet tuned in, Britton plays Rayna James on Nashville, ABC’s honky-tonk hit show, and as the drama-prone country singer, Britton had to hone her own vocal chords to sing in front of the camera.

“I’m a believer in pushing yourself outside your comfort zone — that’s what keeps us feeling alive,” she says. “But I also believe that when you’re facing a fear, it’s helpful to create a safety net. For me that’s working with people who support me. I studied with a vocal coach and I spent a lot of time with the show’s former executive music producer, T Bone Burnett, talking about the character. It’s scary playing a woman who’s been performing for 20 years. But I wanted that challenge.”

Another challenge that Britton’s embraced? Her young toddler, Yoby.

“I didn’t think I’d have a baby on my own,” she says. “But there’s a lot that comes out of having a plan and then seeing that’s there’s another way you can go. If you hold hard and fast to the plan regardless of where you’re at, then you’re going against the flow of your life. My parents died within three years of each other and that’s when I thought, What am I waiting for?”

At 46, Britton has finally hit a serious stride in both her professional and personal life — but it hasn’t always been easy, proving that success doesn’t always have to come when you’re young. In fact, it wasn’t until her role as Tami Taylor in Friday Night Lights (which aired from 2006-2011), that people really started taking notice of Britton (and her hair).

“I think the 40s are a time when you can sit back into who you are and what you’ve learned. I’m able to challenge myself more [now] because I have a stronger sense of who I am and what I can do.”

I may only be 28, but I know one thing for sure: In another 20 years, I will still be a fan of this amazing woman (but I swear I won’t follow her down 6th Avenue for like, 5 blocks while trying to decide whether to approach her for a photo like I did that one time I saw her in The Village).

Featured image via Ladies’ Home Journal

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