jessica tholmer
February 10, 2015 9:25 am

Being named Entertainer of the Year is always an honor, and when that honor is given to you by the NAACP (the biggest civil rights org. for people of color in the country) then that nod becomes even more meaningful. On February 6th, the NAACP held its 46th annual Image Awards, and the wonderful Taraji P. Henson took home top honors — Entertainer of the Year.

The NAACP Image Awards are given to people of color for their work in film, music, television, and literature. The Image Awards are voted on by members of the award’s organization, similar to the Oscars and the Grammys.

So why did Henson take home the gold? I mean, have you SEEN Empire? Henson has had quite a year. The stellar actress starred in Sam Miller’s No Good Deed (for which she got an Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture award) in addition to her Empire role of Cookie (a complicated character and brilliant portrayal which instantly earned Henson tons of praise).

Henson has been around for years, but this Entertainer of the Year honor is the biggest of her career (so far). It is ENDLESSLY refreshing to see an underrated actress finally receive the accolades she has long deserved.

Henson’s acceptance speech was also perfect, describing the passion she has for her performances, and the level in which she performs for each role she plays (oh yeah, and Oprah handed her the trophy, swoon). 

“God gives us all gifts and for me, I didn’t get into this to win awards, although I’m very honored and blessed every time I’m nominated or get a chance to win one . . . What it represents to me is that all of the beautiful people and faces and lives that I get to touch through the gift that God gave me. And I take that very seriously. This means so much to me.”

Congrats Taraji! An honor SO well deserved.

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