Rachel Paige
April 23, 2015 10:36 am

If you call for Feeeeeeeny, will he come? That’s what we’re going to find out on an upcoming episode of Girl Meets World, and it looks like the answer is YES. Apparently, Mr. Feeny drops by for a visit during a soon-to-come episode. AND if the rumors are true, we’ll be getting some Eric Matthews too.

Before you start rehearsing your Feeny call, it doesn’t look like William Daniels and Will Friedle will cross paths just yet. Girl Meets World is actually more than just a giant reunion for all our favorite Boy Meets World characters (sigh), but that doesn’t mean Mr. Feeny and Eric will never get back together. Their episode appearances just don’t overlap this time, but we continue to have hope for that epic reunion.

Girl Meets World starts its second season on May 11th, and apparently Cory and Topanga’s daughter, Riley, finds herself with a brand new teacher at school. Could it be . . . Feeny?

We’ve actually already seen him once before on the show, when he appeared as a “ghost” to Cory in the pilot episode (he was also on posters at the subway station, giving us the illusion that NYC subways were filled with Mr. Feeny motivational posters. Not true).

Another original cast member coming back? Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter. He made some cameos in season 1 but apparently he will have a much bigger arc in season 2. Also, Strong is set to direct a few episodes.

We’ll just leave this here so you can reminisce for a second.

As for Eric, Friedle isn’t just reprising the role of older brother, he’s reprising the role of Plays With Squirrels. Yes, the character Eric takes up in everyone’s favorite Boy Meets World flash-forward is BACK. In an early season 2 episode titled “Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels,” Riley and her best friend, Maya, get into a fight, and Eric steps in to remind them that if you lose one friend, you lose all friends, and then you lose yourself. Plays With Squirrels has always been so wise.

So now with Mr. Feeny and Eric dropping in, along with everyone else who’s dropped in (like, Angela, Shawn’s dad Chet, Mr. Turner, Minkus) we’re almost to Boy Meets World bingo. I’m still holding out for Adam Scott to return as Griff Hawkins, how about you?

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