Love is so weird, you guys. How do you explain something so magnificent yet heart-wrenching; something so great yet sometimes soul-crushing? It’s hard enough to think about, and almost impossible to put it into words.

I can barely explain my affection for iced coffee without getting teary eyed and speechless. I mean coffee is always there for me whenever I’m feeling sad, and it’s the first thing I think about in the mornings and the last thing I think about before bed and, oh, here come the tears.

Don’t count on me to tell you about the love I have for my boyfriend anytime soon. In times like these, when I feel at a total loss for self-expression, I like to turn not to the love songs on the radio but rather to hilarious comedians who seem to effortlessly explain dating, friendship, and love in all of its adorable and infuriating glory.

There’s truth in comedy y’all.

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