Erin Mallory Long
May 07, 2015 1:21 pm
I love social media and I love Twitter and I especially love a good Twitter hashtag. This week, #CollegeIn5Words has been blowing up, with people trying to boil down the entire college experience to 5 words. Even the White House got in on this hashtag, tweeting “Community college should be free.”
Mine would probably be: “How much does that cost?” or “But will food be free?” I remain focused on free food but in college I was basically rationing everything. (Ah, to be 19 and poor in New York again.)
For this week’s #TBT column, I decided to apply the hashtag to classic fictional colleges (there were so many in the ’90s) and describe some of the best television portrayals of totally fake college life in 5 words. Here goes!
Saved By the Bell: The College Years
Why is Screech still here? #CollegeIn5Words
Poor Lisa get the shaft. #CollegeIn5Words
Everyone panicked at hair cut. #CollegeIn5Words
The pink Power Ranger rules. #CollegeIn5Words
Freaks and Geeks in college. #CollegeIn5Words
Seth Rogen is adorable tho. #CollegeIn5Words

Beverly Hills, 90210
Can’t believe it’s still on. #CollegeIn5Words
Kelly gets trapped in fire. #CollegeIn5Words
Dawson’s Creek 
Now it is Joey’s Creek #CollegeIn5Words
Busy Phillips is the best! #CollegeIn5Words
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