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Updated Mar 15, 2017 @ 11:59 am
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Ever wonder where that penny you threw in the fountain goes after you’ve made your wish? When it comes to wishing wells, there are hundreds of thousands of coins that are thrown into wells every year. Many fountains have an associated charity or organization that the money goes to. In Rome, tourists toss coins into the famous Trevi Fountain over their left shoulder with the wish that they’ll be able to come back. In total, all of these coins average out to be around $15,000 a week – or a million dollars a year. Whether you’re wishing for true love or throwing in a penny for good luck, you’ll be happy to know that these coins don’t just go to waste. Coinage tells us what some of the world’s biggest fountains do with those tons of coins each year, and the answer is quite surprising. So, next time you’re passing by a fountain (especially a famous Roman fountain) be sure to toss in a penny or two.

This article originally appeared in Southern Living.

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