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Whether we loved or hated that ending, we find ourselves missing How I Met Your Mother from time to time. It’s been years, but we still mourn the loss of great characters that we got attached to, especially Cobie Smulders’ Robin Scherbatsky. Though a spin-off has been teased, it just won’t be the same without that great core cast, you know? Luckily for us, Cobie is joining the cast of a new comedy about a former musician trying to turn her life around. While she won’t be reprising the evolution of Robin Sparkles on-screen, here’s what we do know:

The new project is a British comedy called Songbird, which has already started on-location shooting.

Songbird is about a woman named Joanne Sykes, who once was the vocalist of a popular ’90s indie rock band called The Filthy Dukes. Unfortunately for Joanne, the band, her relationship, and her life all begin to fall apart at the same time.

As she begins to think about the next step in her life, she drunkenly applies for higher education, but finds that the college life isn’t what she expected it to be. “Far less wild partying, and a lot more yoga and kale,” according to Variety. Though she finds love in an unexpected place, the question of whether or not this version of a new start is right for her situation will follow her.

The film will co-star Jessica Hynes, who was most recently in Bridget Jones’s Baby. (You might also recognize her from Doctor Who or Spaced!)

So no, not exactly a Robin Sparkles-esque project, but it’s one that sounds interesting! And a little too real. Though we’re still holding out for that HIMYM reunion Jason Segel teased, we’re ready to see what Cobie Smulders brings next.