Credit: Instagram/Chrissy Teigen

In case you haven’t been following Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s every move like I have, do not worry. I have you covered. After all, I embodied Chrissy for a full work week, so I feel like we’re basically best friends now. You probably already know Chrissy gave birth to her first daughter Luna Lovegood Stephens last month. And you’ve probably been following Chrissy’s adorable snapchats of her lil’ girl, because of course you are. But have you seen THIS adorable snapshot of Chrissy’s mini-me?!

It’s okay if you haven’t. John Legend only posted it to Instagram a mere three hours ago (and already it has over 142,000 likes, which is like 141,980 more likes than *I* normally get on an Instagram, but whatever, we can’t all be famous, photogenic babies).

Are you overwhelmed with the magnitude of adorableness, yet? No? Okay, good. Because here’s another picture you may have missed from two weeks ago. It’s Luna getting a bath!

And here’s this heartwarming Insta of Chrissy and Luna from last week, taken by DILF of the year, John Legend.

There. That was your daily dose of cuteness. Doesn’t your Wednesday feel better already?