Each week, we’re recapping Orphan Black by choosing a Clone Club MVP. See past recaps here.

This week’s story was once again very Sarah driven, but with the new Project Castor clones given more spotlight and personality. We saw four of our boy clone brothers: Seth (mustache) and Rudy (scar), Mark (who ran off with pregnant Grace), and the unnamed military brother who waterboarded Helena. I give Seth the Most Valuable Clone award for this week. May he rest in peace.

On a show like Orphan Black, with a powerhouse talent like Tatiana Maslany, it’s a risk to introduce another set of clones played by the same actor. You have to balance things in such a way that it doesn’t feel stale, doesn’t take away from the work the lead actress is doing, and doesn’t distract from the characters we’ve already invested in. I think so far the Orphan Black team is striking that balance. This week’s Castor driven episode still gave Tatiana’s characters their moments, but successfully invested the audience in the story of the male clones.

Seth gets this week’s MVP because of the fantastic way Ari Millen portrayed his “glitches.” Paul arrives to test Seth and Rudy’s IQs? We’re still not sure what tests the Castor clones have to endure (which they also tried to perform on Helena), but Seth was failing his test. Rudy tries to cover for him, but Seth’s glitches start to get worse and worse throughout the episode.

Seth’s glitches are terrifying and heartbreaking. In the scene where he beats his car, you can see how exhausted and frustrating these glitches are for him. He wants to be useful to his brothers, to “mother,” but he is failing. When he encounters Cal in Fee’s building lobby, the glitches start to overcome him. Seth starts to repeat the IQ test questions before he falls out, leading Rudy to abandon his crusade to fatally shoot Seth in the chest! As Seth dies, Rudy tells him to hold on and “go easy.”

I started the episode not ready to care about the Castor clones, but left the episode wondering what the IQ tests meant, what the glitches had to do with those tests and their design, where the rest of them are (are they scattered across the world like the Leda clones or are they all on Cody’s military base?), what tortures have they endured? And that’s all down to Seth. For that reason, he’s this week’s Most Valuable Clone.

MVP Runner Ups:

  • Alison: “I have just found my voter base and I suspect they will be very loyal supporters, don’t you?”
  • Sarah: The scene where Rudy holds Kira hostage is familiar ground, but Sarah (aka Maslany) still makes you feel the emotion of the moment, even if I didn’t believe Kira would be hurt during the scene. Watching her say goodbye to Kira in the end was also heartbreaking.

Who snagged your MVP for Orphan Black‘s “Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis?”