The Cleveland and Chicago art museums had a Photoshop World Series of their own, and it’s awesome

The past week has been very intense as the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians duked it out in the World Series, the championship series for professional baseball. The baseball was nuts, but the Photoshop competition between the Cubs and Indians’ hometowns was pretty hilarious, too. The two teams’ local art museums have been Photoshopping their team’s memorabilia into famous artwork. We love this recent trend of art museums getting into social media. And even if you’re not very into sports, these hilarious images will make you giggle.

The Art Institute of Chicago fired the first shot before Game 1, challenging Cleveland with this painting.

Bonus points for the sad Cleveland fan that they Photoshopped into the background.

Cleveland fired back with this Nathaniel Olds painting decked out in Indians gear.

That’s when we knew the competition was really getting serious.

Chicago of course had to get American Gothic into the World Series spirit.

The baseball bat replacing the pitchfork is definitely the best part.

Meanwhile, Cleveland got pretty regal with Lotto’s Portrait of a Man.

This famous pointillism painting offered a serene view of a potential Cubs’ victory.

Cleveland got pretty excited when they were up 3-1 going into Game 5.

As they started to make their comeback heading into Game 6, Chicago put their rally caps on in this painting.

And Cleveland was suited up and ready to go!

Going into Game 7, Chicago brought out their heavy hitters in Impressionism.

And Cleveland brought in George Washington.

And when the Cubs won, Chicago brought their famous lions into the celebration.

But Cleveland was totally magnanimous, as they celebrated an awesome season even though they lost.

This World Series of Art was totally fabulous and almost as much fun as the baseball!