Rachel Charlene Lewis
August 20, 2016 10:20 am
Warner Bros. Pictures

If you’re a major fan of Tim Burton (like, duh), get ready to freak TF out, because a super popular Tim Burton classic is coming to Broadway, and we’re all about to lose it. Because, OMG, BEETLEJUICE is coming to Broadway. We’re probably going to burst.

According to the New York Post, Alex Timbers is bringing Beetlejuice to Broadway.

Universal Pictures / giphy.com

Timbers, along with Warner Brothers, will create the stage version of the super popular film. He directed Rocky: The Musical, Here Lies Love, and a workshop of David Byrne’s Joan of Arc musical.

Timbers was set to direct Frozen, but was replaced, freeing him up for this production.

Still, no need to worry! The powers that be are confident that it’ll still be a killer production, and we trust ’em. After all, we’re too busy being overwhelmed by general excitement to bother being critical. We’re just glad a new generation will get to enjoy the joys and delicious horrors of Beetlejuice.

The film-to-be-play should be totally amazing, should be out soon(ish), and should be SO AMAZING.

It’s expected to be on Broadway in the 2018-2019 season, so it’s probably a solid plan to spend the next year or so re-watching Beetlejuice on repeat. It’ll also distract us from continuing to try to figure out whether or not we’re getting a sequel! Though we’ll never give up. Not until we have even MORE Beetlejuice in our lives!

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