You may have heard that NBC wants to turn Cameron Crowe’s classic movie Say Anything into a TV show. And Crowe is well. . .less than enthused. The Academy Award-winning director tweeted that he and the film’s star John Cusack have no involvement with the series aside from, “trying to stop it.” I get it. Like relationships, media also has a lifespan. Be it 90-120 minutes in the form of a feature film or sequel, 1-5 seasons in the life of a TV show, or maybe just a mere 1:50–3 minutes in the shape of a sketch/viral video.

Sometimes the big screen can smoothly transfer to the small screen. Take Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Clueless, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer–all great movies that became equally great TV shows. Yeah, you weren’t dreaming, Clueless the TV show was totally a thing (now if it could just stream on Netflix, then millennials could truly have it all).

All this talk of Say Anything got us thinking: Which other classic movies could use a sitcom twist? And who would star?

1. Home Alone

Yes, there were sequels, but how about a TV Show? Every week, Kevin could somehow find himself separated from the McCallister clan and face-to-face with the sticky bandits.

The cast:

Nolan Gould as Kevin

His character Luke on Modern Family always seems to be getting into trouble, so this seems like the perfect fit. Granted, yes, he’s a little older, but I still think this could work.

Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Dillon as The Sticky Bandits

Turtle and Drama were always my favorite duo on Entourage. I think they would play a great homage to Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern.

2. Dirty Dancing

What if this movie was made into a series? Each episode would be a different day at the resort–still set in 1963 (think of the costumes!). We could really experience the roller coaster that is Baby and Johnny’s relationship. Not to mention all of the other characters and shenanigans that happen at the resort. Remember that lady who was cheating on her husband? I smell a B story!

The cast:

Vanessa Lengies from Mixology and Glee as Baby

She kind of looks like a young Jennifer Grey. She also has that innocence and bubbly personality.

Mark Salling from Glee as Johnny

While he looks nothing like Swayze, he nailed playing bad boy Puck on Glee, and he can dance.

3. Now & Then

This dream series could be formatted like How I Met Your Mother. Each episode would be the girls reminiscing about their childhood. I’d love to know what happened to Roberta, Teeny, Samantha, and Chrissy after that summer, and before Chrissy had a baby.

The cast:

Christina Ricci, Gaby Hoffmann, and Thora Birch could play their original characters grown up.

Sadly, you’d have to recast Ashleigh Aston Moore (who played Chrissy) due to her passing. But ’90s star Anna Chlumsky of Veep would be a great replacement.

Fun fact: this movie was written by I. Marlene King, who’s also the showrunner on Pretty Little Liars. You can see the similarities: four best friends, small town, and strange occurrences. Granted, Crazy Pete was a lot less scarier than A.

4. Legally Blonde

I want to see more of Elle Woods as a lawyer. Her cases, her clients, what her life is like after she graduates law school and that whole stint in Washington. (Did anyone see Legally Blonde Red White and Blonde?) The show could be like Law and Order meets Selfie. (I guess that’s basically Drop Dead Diva?)

The cast:

Elisha Cuthbert from Happy Endings as Elle

Jennifer Coolidge would have to be a series regular as Paulette. Cause no one can hold a candle to Stifler’s mom.

5. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

If this were a series, then Ferris would have to play hookie for everything. His engagement party, his sister’s wedding, jury duty. I guess you’d have to call it Ferris Bueller’s Life Off and there would probably be a parole officer in the main cast by season two. After a while it may get depressing. (Why are you running from life, Ferris?!) But I see a fun first season at least!

The cast:

Max Greenfield from New Girl as Ferris

I think he could pull off Ferris’ smooth ways.

Mulaney’s John Mulaney as Cameron

I feel like Mulaney could really nail Cameron’s neurotic nature.

Cristin Milioti from A-Z as Sloane

She’s a natural beauty and knows funny. Remember when she was on 30 Rock?

Special thanks to my buddy Anna Roisman with the casting on this one.

6. Mean Girls

Each episode could be a different day at school. We may have to follow them into college a la Saved By The Bell. And sure, most high school shows do feel a little Mean Girls-like, but why not?!

The cast:

Tessa Altman as Cady

Her character from Suburgatory is basically Cady, pre-plastic.

Sasha Pieterse from Pretty Little Liars as Regina.

Sarah Hyland from Modern Family as Gretchen

And Heather Morris from Glee as Karen

I mean, this would be THE PERFECT casting, amirite?

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