Alim Kheraj
September 14, 2016 4:58 am
Alex B. Huckle/GC Images

It’s fairly safe to say that we’re pretty obsessed with French singer Christine and the Queens (aka Héloïse Letissier). We LOVED her latest video when it dropped last week, and we had a BLAST when we hung out with her last year.

Another artist we’re pretty obsessed with (but then who isn’t?) is Beyoncé, Queen B, Bey, Empress of the Beyhive. The singer, who recently celebrated her 35th birthday, released her stunning album Lemonade earlier this year, and we’ve found it hard to listen to anything else since.

So imagine our excitement when we discovered that Christine and the Queens had covered Beyoncé’s hit “Sorry”.


Complete with eerie electronics and Prince-esque beats, Christine and the Queen’s version of the “Sorry” is an incredible reimagining of the Beyoncé original and we have to say we’re SO obsessed with it we’ve had it on repeat since we saw it.

Switching up the song a bit to include her native French, Héloïse shared the new lyrics on Twitter along with a bunch of lemon emojis 🍋.

Also, just look at her dancing.


Recorded part of the BBC’s iconic “Live Lounge” sessions, which have so far this year seen the likes of Justin Bieber and Usher perform, the singer also gave a live rendition of her hit “Tilted,” and it’s also got some pretty amazing dancing in it, too.

Just amazing. We’re gonna need to learn some of those moves pronto.