Rachel Charlene Lewis
August 02, 2016 10:34 am
Getty Images/Bryan Steffy

At last night’s Teen Choice Awards, the late Christina Grimmie was given a tribute in the form of the award for Choice Web Star, beating out loads of web faves. But people were pissed. Why? Because the fact that Grimmie was given the award wasn’t even televised.

Much of the concern came from the fact that the Teen Choice Awards rallied support for the awards show by promoting Grimmie, saying to vote for her in honor of her incredible talent and to definitely tune in to see if she won. When the win wasn’t shown on screen, people were confused and frustrated. Many felt like they’d been tricked.

According to Seventeen, a source told Billboard that the Teen Choice Awards “chose not to mention Christina’s name during the two-hour broadcast.” The source continued on to say, “The fans have a right to be upset.”

If nothing else, it feels a little bizarre to hype up an audience by talking about how exciting it would be if Grimmie was honored in this unique and symbolic way. Especially when you consider how violently the young star’s life was taken, it seems a little icky to profit off of her death and then not even show her tribute.