Trilby Beresford
March 24, 2017 10:11 am

Even though Chrissy Teigen works super hard, she always knows how to keep it light. It’s one of the (many) things we love about her. And Teigen’s Smirnoff ad blooper reel is seriously the Friday gift we didn’t know we needed. We’re digging that they’ve teamed up, because Teigen brings her signature enthusiasm, charm, and charisma to everything she does.

Not only that, but Teigen’s mom is in the mix, too, which somehow makes a vodka ad…adorable?

And if you’ve always wondered what Teigen looks like chowing down on a huge burrito, or giggling while flubbing a line, look no further, because it’s all here in this quick little video.

Her mom also shared this video on Instagram, adding the caption: “My commercial debut!! #I’mmovingonup.” Adorable. We personally think they should make working together a regular thing.

We’re glad that Teigen has remained active on social media in her off-time, because her daughter Luna captures our hearts EVERY time. This is a photo from her recent trip to Morocco with hubby John Legend.

Not that we’re jealous or anything…but she got to ride a CAMEL! Love this cheeky pic.

Thanks for making our day, Chrissy! In so many ways.