Picture of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Real talk: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are the definition of #relationshipgoals. They’re hopelessly devoted to each other, endlessly supportive of each other’s careers and always look like they’re having the most fun. They’re so madly in love, and they don’t care who knows it. And we love them for it!

So when we heard about Chrissy and John’s latest endeavor, we all but lost our minds. The couple is making a sitcom called Ordinary People and just landed a put pilot deal at ABC! Chrissy and John! With their own TV show!

What exactly is a put pilot? Pilots are shot all the time, but don’t always make it to air. Basically, a put pilot is a pilot that the network will air as a special or a series. If they don’t, they’ll owe the studio a ton of $$. Since Ordinary People is a put pilot, it has a much higher chance of running — which is amazing news for us!

The show will be inspired by Chrissy and John’s amazing relationship. According to Deadline, Ordinary People will “[explore] and interracial couple with very different personalities and big ambitions.” The couple will also be involved in the music industry in one way or another. Sounds pretty accurate! But rather than star, Chrissy and John will stay behind the scenes as executive producers.

As if we needed a reason to love these two any more, now we have one. We’re secretly a little bummed Chrissy and John won’t be acting in the show, but we’re so so excited to (hopefully) watch the story of their love unfold on TV. And hey, they can always make guest appearances, right? The least John can do is arrange (and perform) a snappy theme song for the show.

Featured image via Twitter