No one could ever truly call La La Land a loser.

After all, the critical hit picked up Best Director and Best Actress trophies at the Oscars Sunday night, and it even won Best Picture for approximately 90 seconds. But when it really comes down to it, Chrissy Teigen is right: John Legend’s movie did lose to Moonlight for Best Picture, making him one of this year’s official “losers.”

And while we’re not quite sure if this merits a losers’ tour around the city of Los Angeles — with Teigen informing random strangers that Legend had won an Oscar, but “not this year” — we’re still very, very into the fact that it happened.

Both on Twitter and on Snapchat the day after La La Land lost, Teigen greeted fans with the following message: “Hi guys. Here joined by Oscar winner John Legend…not this year.”

The joke continued throughout the day, culminating in Teigen and Legend stopping a tour bus of Hollywood celebrity star-gazers, informing them that A) yes, this was John Legend and B) yes, he had won an Oscar, but C) “not this year.” (He won Best Song for “Glory,” from the movie Selma, two years back.)

The whole Snap video can be viewed below and it. is. glorious.

Legend eventually left their car to take photos with the fans — who were seemingly okay with the whole “not this year” thing — and looked sublimely happy to be out on the town, clowning with his hilarious wife.

This sounds like the best way to spend the day after the Oscars ever. If losing truly is as fun as Teigen and Legend make it look, then we hope for the sake of their happiness that Legend loses every year. Seriously.