Rachel Paige
January 22, 2015 8:34 am

Just in case you forgot for two seconds how funny Chris Pratt is on the regular, a new Parks & Rec outtake clip is here to refresh your memory. The blooper, posted yesterday and already racking up 600,000 views, features Pratt doing a scene for an episode and accidentally causing some major prop damage. It’s real, it’s adorbs, it’s hilarious (to us, not the props person).

So now that we’re all hyped-up from Pratt’s outtake, we need to FEED MONSTER MORE BLOOPERS. So behold, some ridiculously funny outtakes from ridiculously awesome TV series. (FYI: There’s a hint of NSFW language in some of these, so just be careful if you are still in fact at work.)

The Office, season 4

The Office was always one of our favorite shows, and not only was the action on the show hilarious, but the actors on it were, too. Steve Carrell thinks everything is funny, and we do, too. Also the fact that everyone else impersonating the way B.J. Novak talks with his hands is great.

Game of Thrones, the dance to Tyrion’s trail

Game of Thrones is a very serious show. There aren’t many jokes. So it’s absolutely brilliant when on the way to his trial (you know, for supposedly killing Joffrey) Tyrion and Jamie dance the entire way to the stand. The best. It honestly looks like the extras in the stands have no idea what to do when this happens.

Breaking Bad, season 4

Walt and Jesse texting in their yellow meth jump suits is an image everyone needs to see. On top of that, who doesn’t want to see a super cut of Heisenberg simply making funny faces, while people off in the distance laugh at him?

Gilmore Girls, when Loreli and Luke mess up

Because, yes, the entire show was about them professing their love for one another. Series is over, everyone can go home now.

Friends, ALL the seasons

The laugh track, though. Too much you guys. Let us do our own laughing, because Rachel hitting Ross with a door is never NOT funny.

Boy Meets World, when Eric is the couch

The set up for this joke is a little bit long, but the bottom line is that Eric is trying to torment Topanga, and then hides in a couch. Which is just as hilarious as it sounds, joke or no joke.

Scandal, season 2

AKA, President Fitz literally can’t talk on live TV, and then takes a phone call during a presidential address.

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