Bridey Heing
June 30, 2015 7:59 am

When Chris Pratt hosted SNL last September, we knew the episode would be good, and naturally he didn’t disappoint. But SNL recently released a cut-for-time sketch that we can’t believe didn’t make it into the episode itself. Yeah, it’s pretty hilarious.

The sketch features Pratt as Jason Statham, complete with Statham’s trademark grimace and accent. But the action star isn’t there to punch baddies (although he does that). He’s selling the new Jason Statham’s Jason Steakums, and the equally important Jason Statham’s Jason Steakums Jason Drinkums Steakums Water.

Pratt’s successful delivery of the tongue twisting name “Jason Statham’s Jason Steakums” is almost as impressive as his dead-on accent. In fact, the whole skit is on-point. Just watch.

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