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We love hearing funny casting stories. Luckily, Chris Pratt has a good one for us. (All of Chris Pratt’s stories are good, so that shouldn’t be much of a surprise.)

Way before Pratt booked Parks & Recreation, also known as his breakout role, he auditioned for a film called The Lookout. The film, which came out in 2007, focused around a boy who had his life change dramatically after a serious accident. Once a star athlete, he now finds himself as a janitor at a bank, who accidentally finds himself in the midst of a heist. The name of that character? Chris Pratt.

So, yes. Technically, Chris Pratt was going to audition for the role of Chris Pratt.

Unfortunately, something got in the way — something cool, but a little strange. An event came up that would have allowed him to fish for a world-record-holding largemouth bass in Mexico, and Pratt couldn’t resist the opportunity to go. He decided to postpone the audition, with fingers crossed that it’d work itself out.

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No such luck. By the next week, the part was filled. And to make matters worse, the bass wasn’t caught. (At least, that’s an assumption — if he broke a record, that probably would have been announced.)

Luckily, he still fishes.

… And, the part went to the more-than-qualified Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who nailed it.

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…And, it’s obvious that Pratt’s career hasn’t suffered one bit. Pratt just wrapped up filming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and is set to jump right back into character for Avengers: Infinity War.

So, now we know for sure. If we ever need an additional Chris Pratt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is probably the guy we want to call.