Dasha Fayvinova
December 04, 2016 8:49 am
Matthias Nareyek/WireImage

If you thought Chris Pratt was just a pretty face, think again. While promoting their new movie Passengers, Chris Pratt blew Jennifer Lawrence’s mind with a card trick. Her reaction is so priceless it’s hard not to laugh. Seems like the Parks and Recreation star has a full-blown magician career ahead of him if he so chooses. Although having a fallback career seems totally unnecessary when considering his movie history.

During his appearance on the Graham Norton Show, Chris decided to show off some skills. Rather than impress everyone right away, he messed up. In fact, he screwed up four times before pulling off an amazing magical trick. Jennifer Lawrence almost gave up until the very end.

First of all, great job on the misdirection, Mr. Pratt! Magicians often say that that is the most important part of any trick. While the audience focused on Chris messing up, they never expected that it was all part of the trick. Bravo Star-Lord!

 Both Jennifer and Chris are hysterical. In addition to being personable, they find time to pull pranks on each other. Chris Pratt has been jokingly cropping out Jennifer Lawrence from his Instagram posts. Hence the hilarious posts like the ones below:

Their movie Passengers comes out at the end of December and people cannot wait. If this is how much fun the two are having off-set, just image what their chemistry will be like in the movie. Hopefully, we get more interviews like the ones where Chris Pratt blew Jennifer Lawrence’s mind with a card trick.

 While the two actors will undoubtedly have chemistry on screen, Chris is happily married to Anna Ferris. They couple has a beautiful son together.