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Guys, Chris Pratt is very, very concerned for your safety… in regards to trolls, that is. And not the kind of trolls you might be thinking of. Indeed, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star isn’t speaking out against Internet harassers (although we’re sure he would.) He is ALSO not here to warn us about the dangers of returning to our 90s obsession with the indescribably soft hair of these trolls:

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Nope. Chris Pratt is talking about REAL trolls, and he even has photographic proof:

Pratt writes (or warns, really):

Whoa. Chris Pratt, who is our favorite goofball and resident hottie, sure has some real intense opinions about trolls. We’d bet Hermione Granger would echo his sentiments. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone shout-out, anyone?

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This isn’t the first time Chris Pratt has shown an appreciation for nature (real or fictional) on his Instagram.

Remember that time he caught that really big fish?

Not to mention Double Rainbow guy isn’t the only one who appreciates rainbows:

Chris Pratt has been in the news lately with the release of the latest Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 trailer, which we all agree looks amazing. (Almost as amazing as he looks!)

Now the only question is: are there trolls in this new movie?