Rachel Paige
Updated May 30, 2015 @ 10:15 am

The Jurassic World press tour is well underway, and you know what that means: All Chris Pratt, all the time. In-between uploading amazing and hilarious Instagram pictures, Pratt’s also hitting the talk show circuit. His latest stop takes him to BBC’s Graham Norton Show and it’s here that we learned this guy has a new talent: Pratt’s mastered a British accent. And he picked up it up from British TV!

As Pratt explains to Norton (and the show’s other guests including Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, and John Bishop because the Graham Norton show is amazing), while filming Guardians of the Galaxy, he started indulging in some British television series. When his wife, Anna Faris, came to visit, she also started watching some of these British shows, too. Oh, so that’s amazing he picked up an accent binging a lot of Downton Abbey, huh? Nope, Pratt learned his accent by watching England’s version of Jersey Shore, The Only Way Is Essex.

“We love that garbage TV back in the states, my wife is crazy about it!” He says on the show, “And I’m a parrot a little bit, and so when I hear it all the time I just started picking it up…I could pick up their accent and do it, a little bit.” Well, he can’t just talk about doing an accent without actually doing, it, right?

“This is really embarrassing to do in front of a whole room full of Brits here but I’ll try it anyways,” and then Pratt launches into a spot on Essex impression. Jude Law can literally not handle it. Neither can we. The full episode for Graham Norton will air on June 6th, so in the mean time check out Pratt’s spot-on accent below.

(Image via here.)