Today in WHAAAT: A lot of people don’t know who Chris Pratt is

Until today we believed there were two types of people: People who love Chris Pratt, and people who love him more. Because let’s be real, there’s no one on this Earth who doesn’t heart Chris Pratt. No one. Well, it turns out there are a whole lotta people who have never even heard of him (blasphemy!). On tonight’s episode of Billy on the Street, Billy Eichner is hangin’ with Chris, who he accurately describes as, “one of the biggest stars in the world right now.”

After all, Pratt was in Guardians of the Galaxy (a role which landed him the glowing title of “the brightest leading man” in years, we must note), Jurassic Park, and Parks and Recreation, just to name a SELECT FEW Pratt resume notches. So you’d think that seeing Chris Pratt walking down the street would get everyone super pumped, right? Nah, it got people super stumped.

In the episode, Billy first approaches a couple and gestures to Chris, saying, “This is one of the biggest stars in the world right now. Who is it?” They respond, “I have no idea,” and our minds are blown. So is Billy’s, who responds incredulously, “Guardians of the Galaxy??” prompting the couple to explain that they, “don’t watch TV.” “It’s MOVIES,” Billy shouts. “THINK HE’S STILL SLUMMING ON NBC?” (Yes, because it’s Billy Eichner, there’s a lot of shouting, as per usual.)

OK, so maybe that couple was just a fluke, because there can’t be more than two people in the world who don’t know who Chris Pratt is, right? But when Billy approaches more and more people, they basically either don’t know or don’t care. There were some who at least recognized him but didn’t know his name, such as the woman who thought he was Chris Evans, and the guy who said, “Oh, you’re an actor. Liam?” Oh, folks. It’s time to educate yourself on the beauty of Chris Pratt.

Check out the whole hilarious clip below and be prepared to daydream about Chris for the rest of the day.

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Tina Fey cracks up playing LaTina Fey. Thanks Billy Eichner.

[Image via YouTube]