Rachel Paige
Updated Sep 10, 2015 @ 11:36 am

It’s a tough job being Chris Pratt’s best friend, but somebody’s gotta do it. For the gig, you’ve gotta be kind, smart, funny, and also a little bit of a bug. Not like, a bothersome person, but an actual insect. Specifically, a HUGE, GIANT grasshopper, big enough to keep up with mega-star Pratt.

Our guy Pratt is currently shooting Magnificent Seven — a remake of the 1960s western — and is on location in New Mexico. The bugs there appear to be really, really big, and Pratt happened to come across one of them. So everyone, meet this mega-grashopper, who Pratt’s lovingly named “Goliath.” Pratt then needed to immediately share his new friend with the world, aka all his Instagram followers.

Joking aside, according to Pratt, Goliath has ESP-like qualities. Goliath is able to alert Pratt to when he’s needed on set — and we believe it. Human or bug, when you come across Chris Pratt, you do whatever you gotta do to help him out, and that includes telepathic communication. Someone give this grashopper a union card and a real job, because he’s got talent.

Pratt has been toting this critter around with him for a day now, explaining that he “bravely carried Goliath around and showed people. Was this dangerous? Yes. But does it make me some kind of hero? Yes.” Not everyone could pick up this gigantic bug with their bare hands, and then cuddle it like a little kitten. But that’s Pratt for you.

Can’t help but notice there is a major lack of Pratt and Goliath selfies, so maybe that should be the next Instagram update, huh?

(Image via Shutterstock)