Rachel Paige
Updated Jan 27, 2015 @ 10:26 am

Parks and Recreation is slowly coming to an end, and that makes our hearts hurt something deep and powerful. We only have a few more weeks of brand new episodes — it’s SO hard to say goodbye to one of our all-time-favorite shows (sniff, sniff!) — but at least in this final countdown the series is pulling out all the stops with great plot lines and reboots of all our absolutely fave old characters. Tonight’s episode will be no exception, and will bring back serious fan favorite, the fearless, crime-solving FBI Agent, Burt Macklin! AKA, the alter ego of Chris Pratt’s Andy Dwyer.

Sure, Burt Macklin might have started as a joke but he quickly grew to become one of the best things about Andy and his full-time energy. Also, he’s pretty good at saving the day if you hadn’t noticed. In tonight’s episode, which takes place three years in the future — because remember Parks and Rec jumped to 2017 for this season — Andy has his very own TV show, Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show. AND it looks like the show features a recurring segment with none other than Burt Macklin, FBI — where he always saves the day, of course. Also, I don’t want to get you TOO excited but it also looks like tonight’s episode features a literal puppy army (it’s a thing!).

Check out the teaser for the episode below. Puppy armies, Burt Macklin . . . so many wishes coming true in just one little show.

[Image via here.]