Briana Hansen
April 03, 2016 7:39 am
BBC Radio 1/YouTube

Because Rhianna can do no wrong, we hardly even noticed that some of the lyrics in her latest single, “Work,” are somewhat nonsensical. We were too busy moving our bodies to the catchy beat to stop and listen to what she might actually be saying during that chorus.

Luckily for us, the talented actor (and Australian dreamboat) Chris Hemsworth was given those same lyrics to read live on the BBC1 radio. We’re not sure why some mad genius came up with this experiment, but the results, like him, are total perfection.

BBC Radio 1/YouTube

There’s no defense to his gorgeous smile and heart-melting accent. Despite the fact that it’s still unclear what he’s saying (since the lyrics themselves are a little confusing), he still manages to keep us totally enraptured every moment his sexy tenor voice spouts out the words.

Afterwards, the host is left (like the rest of us) completely speechless at his delivery. Chris Hemsworth even admits that reading it “drummed up a whole lot of feelings, emotions, and past experiences.” And while he may be joking, our wobbly knees and speeding heart-rate most certainly are not.

Leave it to the God of Thunder to strike our hearts with such an incredibly powerful jolt of charm. Of course, he’s shown that he has a wonderfully infectious sense of humor through his role as a lovable cowboy in Vacation, but we’ll never tire of being reminded of it. I mean, if he can make us laugh this much in less than a minute of reading Rhianna lyrics and slyly stealing smiles at the camera, we seriously cannot wait to see him in his major role the upcoming Ghostbusters comedy.

Check out the full, glorious recitation for yourself. Maybe Rhianna will even consider a remix with the Hollywood hunk singing the chorus? A girl can only dream, dream, dream, dream, dream.