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Nothing puts us in the holiday spirit like Chris Hemsworth and Jimmy Fallon riding around NBC studios on motorized sleigh-scooters. Or at least, nothing will from now on, so we’re pretty sure this hilarious race needs to become a festive tradition from here on out.

Chris Hemsworth stopped by Jimmy Fallon’s show last night to talk about his new film, In the Heart of the Sea — a film for which, if you remember, he had to go through a startling transformation. That doesn’t seem to have slowed him down, because when Jimmy suggested they race on scooters (made to look like Santa’s sleighs, of course), this Hemsworth brother was all in.

A good thing, too, since they were racing for the coveted “Hemsworth Cup.” This particular race had many obstacles, like kids throwing snowballs and even the ghost of Hemsworth past, before the two could safely return through the studio.

It did not go as planned, and in the most hilarious way. Watch the nail-biting race below!

(Image via YouTube)