Jessica Wakeman
Updated May 25, 2016 @ 8:29 am
chloe grace moretz tattoos

There are many excellent reasons to ink yourself and Chloe Grace Moretz has showed us one of them: She’s gotten a small tattoo of her grandmother’s name, Janette Duke, her back. Awww.

Chloe posed with her new ink yesterday the Instagram for the tattoo artist Jon Boy, who works at West 4 Tattoo in New York City’s Greenwich Village (AKA the same tattoo parlor where Kylie Jenner recently got her new ink).

Chloe posed against the wall with her shirt pulled slightly up, showing off the small, discreet tat of her her grandma’s name, according to People. The new ink is located right next to what looks to be an existing tattoo of a rose.

That isn’t the only tattoo the Neighbors 2 actress got yesterday — People says she had the letters “CK” tattooed on her ankle (although you have to ~really~ squint to see the tiny letters, because Jon Boy seems to have done them in white ink):

Two tattoos is a lot to begin with, but then Chloe even took the tattoo gun herself for a bit! Jon Boy posted a video on Instagram showing her tattooing what looks to be his arm (he’s wearing the same green jacket in this video as he is in the photo with Chloe above). We’re not sure exactly what she tattooed, but perhaps she added onto the ink that Kylie started?

The tattoo parlor happily shared another snap of Chloe and her friends in the tattoo parlor with all smiles:

And Chloe’s friend Kathryn Gallagher, who appeared in Spring Awakening on Broadway (and who is also The OC star Peter Gallagher’s daughter — mind blown!) posted one last pic of the occasion:

Lookin’ good, ladies. All these tats are seriously making us consider getting inked ourselves!