Chloe Grace Moretz female directors
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Being a young woman in Hollywood means you grow up facing the unfortunate reality of sexism, but 19-year-old Chole Grace Moretz is determined to change that. The Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising star spoke to Business Insider about realizing how pervasive sexism is in her industry and what she’s going to do about it.

Chloe said she first became aware of speaking up as a young woman in Hollywood when she was on the set of Carrie back in 2013. While the story was about a teen girl having her period for the first time and had a woman director, it was still controlled by male studio heads. Chloe said she found herself needing to speak up, especially after talking to her costar, Julianne Moore.

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“She’s someone I’ve always looked up to and who has really helped me out and given me some of the strongest advice I’ve had in my career,” Chloe explained. These talks also shed light on how actresses are perceived and how their words are often “misconstrued” in the media.

“It’s like it’s not okay to have an opinion anymore,” she continued. “And you have to change that, unless you are saying everything on queue with what CNN or TMZ or any of these quote-unquote news outlets are reporting, then you’re not allowed to have an opinion.”

But the biggest problem in Hollywood comes down to representation, which is why Chloe said she hopes to encourage women writers and directors by seeking out their projects.

“It’s more of a fight to find the cool scripts or finding someone who is willing to write the cool scripts or find the female directors that studios will approve,” she said. “Those are still few and far between.”

With Chloe’s support — and the support of other amazing women in Hollywood like Shonda Rhimes, Lena Dunham and Emma Watson — we’re confident that we’re one step closer to finding those progressive and important voices that make watching movies such a thrill.