Rachel Sanoff
July 25, 2016 5:10 pm
Donna Ward/Getty Images

Before we get to our latest examples of Cher’s superior tweeting abilities,  let’s take a moment to educate those who may not be familiar with Cher’s current status as a Twitter queen. See below…

And can’t forget…

When not commenting on her fabulous daily life, Cher also uses her social media platform to tweet about politics and social injustice in the way that only the music legend can.

Then yesterday, a clearly confused Cher began receiving unprompted fundraising emails from the Donald Trump campaign.

This was especially bizarre and laughable since our one true diva has been quite the vocal opponent of Trump (on Twitter, of course).

But the emails kept on flooding her inbox! (Wait… Cher… are you secretly registered as a Republican voter?)

But the most obnoxious part? Trump can’t even get our mononymous angel’s name right. WHO IS CHERILYN??!!!

Not only is Cher NOT short for Cherilyn, but the only person on the planet who has ever referred to her as Cherilyn is her sister. IS HER SISTER IN CAHOOTS WITH THE CAMPAIGN????

And while Cher provided us with some Twitter comedy for a while, she always brings it back to the most truly important issue at hand.

Keep being the realest political analyst in the game, Cher. One emoji at a time <3