Stephanie Hallett
Updated Sep 13, 2017 @ 2:33 pm

It’s certainly an unexpected pairing, but Cher and Future are starring together in a new Gap ad that aims to “show what happens when we take a chance to close the gaps between us,” according to the clothing retailer. We can see this relationship going places.

The ad, as part of the brand’s “Meet Me in the Gap” campaign for fall, brings Cher and Future together in an all-white room where the pair sing a rendition of “Everyday People” by Sly and the Family Stone. Admittedly, Cher steals the show — is anyone surprised? — but Future holds his own, and both are decked out in covetable threads.

Future’s laugh at the end of the ad? So charming.

According to a company press release, Cher and Future had never met before filming this Director X-helmed ad.

Future added: “There was a great dynamic when working with Cher, and we felt like we were doing something so much bigger than the two of us.”

The brand says that, for this campaign, “the gap” is meant to represent a blank space where new ideas can come to life.

Credit: Gap

In the video, Cher dons a letterman jacket and jeans, while Future rocks head-to-toe denim. The two shot additional photos in other outfits, though, including Cher in denim and Future in a leather jacket.

The rapper explained to People that because his son with Ciara, Future Zahir, also recently appeared in a Gap ad, he plans to keep his leather jacket and pass it down to his little boy. “With both of us being in campaigns for Gap, I think it would be cool to pass down that piece of memory to him,” he said. “Coming into this, I wanted to have as much fun as he did.”

Credit: Gap

The ads will begin popping up everywhere September 18th, so keep your eyes peeled.