He’s quickly becoming one of our fave male Hollywood stars, and now Charlie Hunnam has said that he’d love to make cooking videos for social media, and this is something we could 100% get behind.

Now, Charlie Hunnam is no stranger to the kitchen. The actor recently told People that he loves to cook for his partner Morgana McNelis, sharing how he cooked a massive meal for 15 people to celebrate her birthday. Aww. In fact, the actor is often making our hearts swell, whether it’s talking about what masculinity means today or gushing over his love for David Beckham.

Well, Charlie Hunnam has now opened up about how he loves to watch cooking videos on social media.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan for their “The Cosmo Guy” series, Hunnam spoke about how he wasn’t a fan of social media except when it comes to food.

If we’re being honest, we totally agree. We’d love to see a video series where Hunnam cooks with his cat, George.

In fact, we’re dreaming about some of the guest spots now…

The King Arthur star also spoke about relationships, and things got pretty real.

“When you expect a relationship to be super happy at all times and that doesn’t turn out to be the case, there’s too strong of a tendency to walk away,” he said. “But if you put in some work to fix it, you might get back to that beautiful, perfect thing sooner than you think.”

We absolutely love this sentiment. Relationships can be hard, and, like Hunnam says, they take work. However, we’re pretty sure that cooking a massive meal for 15 people for your partner’s birthday is one way to make sure things run smoothly.

Now, let’s get this social media cooking show made!