Picture of Charil XCX Lollapalooza
Credit: Josh Brasted / Getty

Charli XCX is having quite the summer. Her “Boys” music video basically broke the internet. Then, she sang a Spice Girls song with Halsey at Lollapalooza. And let’s not forget that she helped Kiehl’s raise awareness about the rise of HIV diagnoses in young people. So when the singer announced she wouldn’t be performing at this year’s Summer Sonic festival, our hearts went out to her.

Charli XCX just canceled her shows in Japan because she’s seriously ill, and we hope she feels better ASAP!

On Friday, the singer made the announcement that she’s canceling her August 19th and 20th shows. She penned a heartfelt, apologetic note to her fans, aka her Angels, and shared it on social media. According to Charli herself, she came down with tonsillitis and a bad fever.

The pop artist, who was supposed to perform alongside Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Yasutaka Nakata, added that she even scheduled extra studio time she was looking forward to. Unfortunately, her doctor ultimately ordered that she not take the stage to avoid doing more damage to her health and her voice.

As disappointing as it is for both Charli and those planning to see her at the festival, her health comes first. But because she loves her fans so much, she’s already thinking about ways to make it up to them.

Summer Sonic shared a statement of their own announcing Charli XCX’s cancellation, assuring fans that the other acts would continue after her.

Though disappointed, Charli XCX’s “Angels” seem to understand.

They tweeted encouraging messages her way and just want her to get well ASAP.

Seriously, her fans are the best.

If this magical GIF doesn’t cure her sickness, we don’t know what will.

This isn’t the first time Charli XCX has put her needs first. Almost two years ago exactly, the “Boom Clap” singer wrote a Facebook post announcing the cancellation of her participation in the “Charli and Jack Do America Tour.” She said that being on the road had prevented her from creating the way she’d like.

Feel better, Charli XCX! Always put yourself first.