We’ve now got only one thing on our minds: boys! We’ve just watched Charli XCX’s new video, and it features every celeb crush we’ve had in recent memory.

Yesterday, British singer Charli XCX debuted the video for her latest song, “Boys,” and it might be the most fun music video we’ve seen in AGES. The clip, which was directed by the singer herself, totally subverts the usual expectations of music videos where women are often objectified, and instead turns the camera on the guys.

Given how popular she is, and in the great tradition of Kelis, Charli brings all the boys to her yard, and they’re basically all our fave celebrity crushes.

The clip starts with Joe Jonas surrounded by plates of pancakes. As the clip progresses, we get to see Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend brushing his teeth, and Riz Ahmed playing around with a giant pink teddy bear!

If you’re a fan of dogs, Charli has also delivered on that front, too. A shirtless Diplo plays with many Good Boys, while up and coming singer Khalid can be seen getting on swimmingly with two colorful pups.

Oh, and here’s Jack Antonoff just casually working out…

Also featured in the video are Olympic diving champion Tom Daley, social media star Cameron Dallas, Charlie Puth, Brendon Urie, MNEK, and more. What we love most of all about this video, however, is how guys of all shapes and sizes are featured.

Watch Charli XCX’s “Boys” video below.

Speaking about the inspiration for the video, Charli told Junkee that “the whole idea behind my video was to avert the male gaze.”

“You can read into that deep or as little as you want, but obviously I made a conscious decision to not be in the video and to have all the guys doing the sexy things that girls are normally doing — which I think they enjoyed,” she explained.

Thanks to Charli XCX, we’re going to be pretty busy thinking about boys for the rest of the day…