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For two years now, we’ve been hearing whispers about this X-Men spinoff, X-Force. The two have always existed in the same Marvel universe, but it wasn’t until Jeff Wadlow, writer and director of Kick-Ass 2, signed on to write the screenplay that we ever thought it would be a cinematic reality. We were told to expect a five-member line-up, but the actual characters involved were anyone’s guess. Until now. came across the first piece of conceptual art for the film, and from that was able to conclude who to expect in the long-awaited adaptation. Well, for the most part.

Some of the characters are pretty clear. The ensemble definitely includes Cable, son of Cyclops and leader of the team. Then there’s Domino, Warpath, and Cannonball, who have probability-altering, super strength, and force field powers, respectively.

But that woman on the left wearing a sleeveless hoodie? That’s where things become less clear. She doesn’t immediately resemble any of the well-known characters. So far,’s best guess is either Rogue or Psylocke, but we’ve yet to get any kind of confirmation for any of these predictions.

We also don’t have info about literally anything else involving the film, like actors or release date. However, these first clues are definitely getting us excited, and we’re sure that no matter who is in it, we’ll still be lining up on opening day.

(Image via Twentieth Century Fox)