Maureen Hoff
December 14, 2015 8:23 pm

Are you ready to see Channing Tatum bust out his very best Beyoncé moves? You totally are, aren’t you?

So, it all started with Jimmy Fallon and the absurd lip sync battles that his show is now notorious for. (But let’s be real, nothing will ever beat Emma Stone rapping DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win”. Undebateable.) But because of the insane popularity of the bit on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, it’s become its own show in its own right on Spike.

Hosted by LL Cool J with the assistance of Chrissy Teigan, the show hasn’t even aired season two yet and people are losing their minds. And with good reason. The first sign that the second season was going to be both amazing and nutty came about when they released this clip of Joseph Gordon Levitt doing the entire dance from Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation.” And it’s JGL, so of course he did it flawlessly.

But a new clip has people drooling with their jaws dropped, all because Channing Tatum is busting a move like he was born to do. But this time, it’s to Beyonce.

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Posted by BuzzFeed Entertainment on Monday, December 14, 2015

The post was just shared by Buzzfeed today, and boasts an epic second season. The video showed a quick clip of Tatum twerking his way to first place to Beyoncé’s “Run The World (Girls).”

And yes, if you blink you might miss Tatum’s gorgeous, flailing body. So here’s a GIF version of it for you to keep forever and ever. You are welcome.

While the post didn’t say anything about Beyonce making an appearance herself, the rumor has been floating around since October. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

(Image via Shutterstock, GIF via Variety)