Alim Kheraj
May 22, 2017 2:17 am

Last night’s Billboard Music Awards saw two incredible musical icons perform in what has become a second home for each of them, Las Vegas. Céline Dion and Cher took to the stage last night for two separate performances that were pretty much the highlights of the evening.

It was previously reported that Céline Dion would be performing at the #BBMAs for a second consecutive year. The singer, who picked up the Icon Award last year, celebrated the 20th anniversary of the movie Titanic with a special performance of the movie’s legendary theme, “My Heart Will Go On.”

Also performing at the awards last night was Cher. The singer was this year’s recipient of the Billboard Icon Award, and she performed for the first time in 15 years at an award show with renditions of her hits “Believe” (banger) and “Turn Back Time” (mega-banger).

Now, what would you do if you were to catch Cher performing some of her legendary hits?

Well, if you’re Céline Dion, you’d host an impromptu sing-a-long backstage.

In what must be one of the most incredible scenes in Diva history, Céline was getting her LIFE to Cher’s performance of “Believe,” and she did what anyone would do…get everyone singing.

Indeed, the singer even did some finger snaps and shimmies to the classic ’00s club banger.

Céline wasn’t the only one living for Cher’s performance. Vanessa Hudgens, who was presenting the show alongside rapper Ludacris, donned one of the singer’s most iconic looks, and took off her heels so she could dance around during “Believe.”

Likewise, singer and actor Ansel Elgort was having the greatest time when Cher returned to the stage to perform “Turn Back Time.”

Gwen Stefani handed Cher her Icon Award, and the singer then gave a powerful speech about how she’d been in the industry for 53 years!

The star recently celebrated her 71st birthday, and we have to say she looks INCREDIBLE. Her performance was totally epic, and we’re so with Céline on this one. When Cher comes on, you gotta just sing along.