Rachel Paige
February 02, 2015 10:50 am

Nothing unifies our great country like an event worthy of live-tweeting. Needless to say, Super Bowl XLIX was certainly one of those moments and it delivered all across the board. In addition to all of us playing along at home, celebrities were joining in the Twitter fun and some of their tweets were truly majestic. Celebs tweeted from the game (shout out to the two Chris’es, Pratt and Evans!) and celebs tweeted from the comforts of their own homes (shout out to basically everyone else!).

Whether you watched the Super Bowl, or even understand football, you can at least understand these amazing celeb-style Super Bowl tweets. Stars: they’re sorta, kinda, maybe, a teeny bit just like us.

Chris Pratt and Chris Evans

Ok, if you haven’t been following these two for the last few weeks, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans have been in a bit of a Twitter-war over who’s team would emerge victorious, Evan’s Patriots, or Pratt’s Seahawks. While the victory would go to Captain America, the guys hung out at the game together (with Pratt’s darling wife, Anna Faris, too!) and tweeted out some of the best pictures ever.

Anna also tweeted out a photo of exactly what marriages should be like:

Anna Kendrick

Our Internet best friend, Anna, was at home for the game. That didn’t stop her from giving us a continuous play-by-play commentary not just about the game, but about the commercials as well (and don’t forget that surprise Pitch Perfect commercial, too!).

Kumail Nanjiani

Funny guy Kumail doesn’t get football, and gets that a lot of other people don’t understand the sport, either. So he tried his best all night to describe it to us in terms we might better understand. He also really loved Katy’s performance.

Elizabeth Banks

She was there at the Super Bowl probably for the sports, but she took a moment to capture what’s really important to her — being close to Game of Thrones.

Kanye West

Even though I don’t know the first thing about football, if I went to a football game I’d probably have fun, right? Well, no one tells Kanye what to do. A handful of pictures were snapped of him looking less-than-thrilled to be there. Kim at least looked like she was having a good time (with her nose buried in her phone).

Bryan Cranston

Please never stop making Breaking Bad jokes, OK?

Mindy Kaling

We were eagerly anticipating Mindy’s brand new Super Bowl Ad all week, and it certainly delivered — with surprise guest Matt Damon, no less. After the commercial aired, Mindy tweeted out this behind the scenes selife.


If you follow Retta on Twitter, you know she LOVES to live-tweet things, whether that be actual live television, or whatever movie she’s watching. She was rooting for the Seahawks (probably because of Andy Dwyer), and had many many things to say about the football game last night.

Josh Groban

He might be best known as a classical singer, but Josh Groban is very very funny on Twitter and wore his emotions right on his sleeve last night, as he tweeted out his reactions to just about everything.

Lastly a huge shout out to our girl Keough Novak who did an awesome job live-tweeting the game!! We give YOU 100!

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