How to celebrate Christmas like Miley Cyrus

We were pumped to see Miley Cyrus crush it on “A Very Murray Christmas Special,” first with the fun-times-a-hundred “Sleigh Ride”…

… and then taking it to a SUPER real place with “Silent Night”…

…we were like “Whoa, now THIS is a lady who knows how to do Christmas.”

In the days leading up to the big day, Cyrus has been showing just how aces she is at the holidays.

First off, because apparently slaying at classic carols isn’t enough, Cyrus teamed up with Wayne Coyne (lead singer/guitarist/songwriter of our beloved Flaming Lips) to release a tease of brand-new holiday jam “Sad Christmas Song.”

They haven’t released the whole song yet, which is a bummer, because we need this on our “Melancholy Xmas Jams” playlist, like, yesterday.

Speaking of Instagram festivities, Miley and BFF Katy Weaver celebrated the season yesterday as BFFs do: with bold-statement Xmas sweaters and sparklers:

And what’s Miley going to do for actual Christmas day? As the Inquistr reports, she’s going to engage in the time-honored holiday tradition of nom-ing up a storm:

“I’m going to go home and just chill with my family. We just use it as an excuse to eat. When you’re a kid the presents are so exciting, but as you get older it feels kind of odd that they’re giving me presents, so then it’s just an eating excuse.”

And maybe she’ll break out the glitter blow-dry she’s been known to rock  as of late because it’s literally impossible to have too much sparkle come Christmas morning…

Old and new Christmas carols, badass Xmas sweaters and sparklers, and food galore- Miley’s got this holiday thing on lock.

(Images via Netflix, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter)

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