Rachel Paige
September 03, 2015 9:15 am

You might think you’re the biggest Game of Thrones fan out there, but turns out that none of us can compare to Amanda Peet. She might actually be the biggest Game of Thrones fan ever. She’s even married to Game of Thrones showrunner David Benioff — and OK, they got married in 2006, well before the show started, but the fact that he’s in charge of GoT only makes Peet love him more. Or, hate him more, knowing what he did to Jon Snow

Peet stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about her love for Jon Snow, and how because of that plot twist her love with Benioff is on the rocks (she’s joking, of course.). Just like all of us, Peet was devastated about the loss of Jon, and she had no idea it was coming, and she has no idea if he’ll ever be back. Even though he’s gone for right now, Peet’s love for Jon will never die, and his unexpected absence has given her all the more reason to try and perfect her spot-on Jon Snow impression.

A few months ago, Kimmel hosted a Jon Snow Impersonators contest, and when Peet came on as a guest she wanted to throw her hat into the ring. (Side bar, she even mentioned to Kimmel, that her husband actually hired the winner from the Jon Snow Impersonators contest, and he’s got a secret role in the upcoming season of GoT, or as Peet says, “he’s going to be the new Jon Snow.”). So does Peet have a chance at being the next “new” Jon Snow herself? Well . . . We’ll let you decide.