The Dodo
January 20, 2015 11:44 am

This post was written by Anna Swartz on The Dodo.

1. “Bring on the polar vortex. I am ready.”


2. “I have become a mini kitten roll-up.”


3. “Don’t be jealous of my toasty scarf.”


4. “I am a MEGA ‘PURRITO.'”


5. “Don’t even think about unraveling me until spring.”


6. “Now leave me to snuggle in peace, Human.”


7. “Yes, this blanket shall do nicely as the wrapping for my ‘purrito.'”


8. “Unless you’re here to tell me there’s a heat wave, I’m not unrolling.”


9. “I think I’ll just bask in the sun.”


10. “Hold me, Human.”


11. “I’m gazing off into a future where I will no longer be cold.”


12. “Fear my snuggling powers.”


13. “Hold my ‘purrito’ paw for warmth.”


14. “Maybe if I close my eyes, I can stay wrapped up forever.”


15. “Go out in the snow to fetch me snacks, Human. I’ll stay here.”


16. “Mmm, so cozy.”


17. “Leave my blanket? Surely you jest.”


18. “20 percent cat, 80 percent blanket.”


19. “We are double ‘purrito.’ Bow before us.”