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From afar, it’s easy to imagine that everything involving celebrities is all glitz and glam, but Cate Blanchett is here to tell us that’s definitely not true. The actress stopped by Jimmy Kimmel last night to talk about her upcoming Golden Globe nomination for her role in Carol, and how the Golden Globes themselves aren’t as hoity-toity as everyone thinks.

People tend to see the Golden Globes as a more social version of the Oscars. All the celebrities sit together at tables, drinking wine and chatting, but it’s all still very prestigious and important. Cate Blanchett disagrees. The word she uses instead? “Sweaty.” She reveals that the whole set up is “like a mosh pit, actually…if there’s not enough ketchup on your table you literally lean and get DiCaprio’s ketchup from the table behind.”

I don’t know…a mosh pit of celebrities still sounds like a better mosh pit than any of us are used to. Plus, who wouldn’t want to try a bit of DiCaprio’s ketchup?

Watch the full clip below!

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