Lea Palmieri
December 23, 2014 7:14 am

Welcome to Catching Feelings, a new series where we ask our favorite male celebrities to get all sensitive with us and open up about what makes their hearts do backflips.

So, of course, when we had the chance to interview The Wrong Mans‘ Mathew Bayton, we thought: this is perfect. He’s one of the guys behind a show that makes us feel every feeling possible. (Season two of the Hulu series premieres on Wednesday.)

Bayton and James Corden co-created the series and star as Sam and Phil, two ordinary guys who end up in countless extraordinary, action-hero-type situations. “That’s the fun thing, they don’t feel like kind of unrelatable action heroes,” Baynton explains. “They’re just normal people with normal worries.” Well, not quite normal worries as the duo have written some unique situations for their characters to get into. “Most of what I do in the show is stuff I never thought I would. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be the next James Bond!” laughs Baynton.

While you can get plenty of Bayton’s action hero side in The Wrong Mans, we decided to tap into his sensitive side, with a few probing questions.

HG: What’s the most recent touch moment you experienced?

MB: My brother was staying with me with his family and I was sent through one of the first cuts of the second episode of this season to watch and give notes back. I said, ‘I’m really sorry, I’m going to have to watch this’ and my brother went, ‘Well I’m going upstairs then,’ and I said, ‘It’s fine, you can see it if you want,’ and he went, ‘No I don’t want to see it until it’s done. I don’t want you to spoil it for me!’ It was the sweetest thing, so lovely.

HG: When was the last time you laughed or cried?

MB: That was filming a scene on this season of The Wrong Mans. There’s a scene where they have to pretend that they’re musicians and they’re forced to come good on that bluff and try and do a song. When we wrote it, we said to each other, what we should do is trust ourselves to improvise something because if we write something, it will feel written. We’ll never be able to really get that genuine quality of two guys making something up on the spot. So we did, we improvised it on the day and what came out was just… Halfway through, James did this thing where Phil gets more confident with it and starts to do like a Jamaican rap and it made me laugh in my bones. I couldn’t recover. Both of us actually were crying with laughter and it really took everything we had to pull ourselves together and try and get a take in the can where we got through it without laughing. And we managed to in the end but it was hard.

HG: What movie makes you cry every time you watch it?

MB: It’s a Wonderful Life. The moment that film starts, I’m crying and I cry at pretty much every scene in it. The line where his father says, ‘Maybe you were born older George,’ I’m welling up talking about it.

HG: Now tell us what makes you instantly feel joy, please. 

MB: Oh this is cheesy but my son doing impressions of dinosaurs. He’s been doing it all the time at the moment, he’ll just walk into the room and roar at me.

HG: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

I don’t know if I have any really guilty pleasures. I’ve tried not to feel any guilt about anything that is pleasurable. I’ll hold my hand up and say I like “MMMbop” by Hanson. I’m not going to pretend I don’t. I’m not going to try and sound cool about it. I bought that single and I stand by it. It’s a great pop song.

HG: Finally, what’s the sweetest thing somebody has done for you that made you feel all warm and fuzzy?

MB: The day that it was announced that James and I were both nominated for BAFTAs, there was a ring on my doorbell and the delivery man handed me this big box. And it was a keytar that James had bought me. Because at some point when we were writing together, there was a picture of one on the Internet and he was laughing at it and I was saying, you laugh but when I was in a band I always genuinely wanted to play one of those. And he’d remembered that moment and bought me one as a congratulations gift. So that was very surprising and sweet.

The Wrong Mans season 2 premieres on Hulu on Wednesday, December 24.

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