Fresh off their (too close for comfort!) win at the Oscars last night, the cast of Moonlight have new starring roles: as Calvin Klein models. The three men who play the film’s lead character at different ages — Trevante Rhodes, 27, Ashton Sanders, 21, and Alex R. Hibbert, 12 — along with co-star Mahershala Ali, have stripped down to their skivvies for a new campaign, and we think it’s safe to say they’ve found their calling.

Calvin Klein revealed the new ad images today on its website and Instagram, channeling the vulnerability and intimacy of Moonlight in the minimalist photos. The campaign was shot by photographer Willy Vanderperrea favorite of Calvin Klein chief creative officer Raf Simons — who is known for his cerebral, spare portraits.

Credit: Calvin Klein

The campaign also includes short profiles of each actor, offering an inside look at the process of shooting the imagery and the interactions between the men.

Credit: Calvin Klein

Twenty-one-year-old Sanders, for instance, was starstruck at meeting the man behind Calvin Klein. “I just met Raf and I almost fainted, man,” said the actor, who is also a bonafide style star and fashion watcher. “Really. I’ve been a fan of his since I was in the 10th grade.”

Credit: Calvin Klein

And of Rhodes, who plays Moonlight‘s Chiron as an adult, we learn that he’s not only an insanely talented actor, but that he was also “an all-district high school football player in Dallas, and then a member of the gold medal–winning U.S. Junior National 4×100 relay team.”

Credit: Calvin Klein

All of the profiles are worth reading — check them out here!

Each of Moonlight‘s bright stars has projects galore lined up post-Oscars, and for good reason. These men are bursting with talent and charisma, and Hollywood’s right to scoop them up. We’ll be applauding them every step of the way.