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While we eagerly await the arrival of the Britney Spears biopic on Lifetime, we can at least bask in the fun of all the exciting casting announcements (for now, anyway, until we see MORE in-costume pics!). Just yesterday, in fact, we discovered who will be playing Justin Timberlake in the aptly titled Britney – and he seems like a pretty good match…

Please meet your new Justin Timberlake: Nathan Keyes!

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So now that we know who all the main players are in the biopic, here’s a look at how they compare to the people in real life. And, ~spoiler alert~, they’re pretty darn good.

Britney Spears then.

Natasha Bassett who will play Britney.

Justin Timberlake then.

Nathan Keyes who will play Justin.

Kevin Federline, Britney’s second husband, then.

Clayton Chitty who will play Kevin (in costume!).

Lynne Spears, Britney’s mom, then.

Nicole Oliver who will play Lynne.

Jamie Spears, Britney’s dad, then.

Matthew Harrison who will play Jamie.

Jenna Dewan, Justin’s one time backup dancer.

Tamara Thorsen who will play Jenna.

Wade Robson, Britney’s one time choreographer.

Markian Tarasiuk who will play Wade (in costume!).

And finally, Jason Alexander, Britney’s childhood friend and first husband.

Kelly McCabe who will play Jason.

Waiting for 2017 like…