Brittany Malooly
July 28, 2016 4:22 pm
Taylor Swift /

From what we hear, there’s never a dull moment when Cara Delevingne is around. She loves spontaneous trips to water parks, getting matching tattoos with her BFFs, and most importantly, Cara loves pranks. Luckily, she’s in good company because some of Taylor Swift’s fellow squad friends also enjoy a good prank or two.

However, this means that other squad members had to learn about Cara’s penchant for mischief the hard way.

During an appearance on the Late Late Show with James Corden, Cara revealed that during Swift’s last squad retreat in Rhode Island on the Fourth of July, she teamed up with Ruby Rose and Uzo Aduba to stir up some trouble. (Before we go any further, can we just say how much we LOVE this trio?)

“So Kesha, she was sleeping on the top floor with the Haim sisters. They were all in this kind of creepy area of the house,” Cara explained. “They’d been watching murder mysteries all day, so me, Ruby Rose, and Uzo decided to become a ghost crew and started making this like massive plot to scare the crap out of them.”

According to Cara, they got INTO it.

The crew spent hours scheming and gathering a variety of materials to get the job done – like speakers, torches, and flash lights. They also had to debrief Taylor and Tom, because as Cara jokingly explained, “The security is massive so we didn’t want to get shot.”

Around 4am, the scaring began and it went on for about TWO HOURS. “It took a bit of a turn for the worse,” Cara said. “They basically nearly called the police.” OMG. CARA, RUBY, AND UZO ARE PRANK QUEENS.

The best part? Taylor and Tom, who were asleep for most of it, wandered upstairs to find the three in varying states of prank-mode.

“Uzo was in the corner with a light in her hand holding a speaker, I was throwing myself on the floor, punching things, and … they were like, ‘We’re just going to walk back downstairs now.'”

You can watch the whole interview here:

We’re glad Cara, Ruby, and Uzo mixed things up for the squad. Never change, Cara.